There are many reasons why people come to counselling. Usually there is an emotional issue or situation that cannot be resolved alone.​

​For example, you might seek counselling because you are:​

  • Feeling anxious, stressed or angry and finding work or home life difficult.​
  • Feeling depressed or lacking in self confidence.​
  • Unhappy with your relationships, wanting to make changes but not sure how.
  • Finding you are not content with work or friendships or experiencing family difficulties.
  • Feeling out of control with alcohol, drugs or self-harm.​
  • Feeling generally overwhelmed with life.
  • Suffering a loss or bereavement.​
  • Wanting to explore unresolved issues from the past which are preventing you from feeling fulfilled in the present.​​

If you are unsure whether counselling is right for you please contact me and we can discuss any questions you might have.